December 21, 2020 3 min read

When the pandemic started, Capra Leather, a design studio from Bogotá, realized they needed to create a new product giving special thoughts to the struggles of the new normality.

As our homes started to become more important in our daily lives, they decided to design a product to improve their customers' home experience.

That's how HOM was born. Their goal was to create the perfect home shoe.

HOM: The natural easy to wear home shoe

HOM is entirely made out of full grain leather, the finest highest quality layer of the hide. Capra's leather comes from the finest cattle raised in the open grass of the Andean mountains, complying with the highest environmental standards during the tanning process.

The interior is all breathable suede, a natural material with a signature napped texture pleasant to touch.
Black home shoes. Full grain leather

The footbed has four complementary layers.

  • Memory foam that slowly molds to the shape of your feet. 
  • Natural rubber latex to insulate against heat and cold. 
  • Cork heel reinforcement for a natural firm support. 
  • EVA, as the foundation of the footbed; light and shock-absorbent, tenderly supports every step.

Brown home shoes. The footbed an sole

After developing and testing HOM for more than 8 months, the end result was a custom made last with the perfect balance between comfort and style. Made out of premium, locally sourced, natural materials. Crafted by artisans to last the duration of a person's life.

Black home shoes. Slippers and slip on

The brand's story

Capra was born in 2015 from Juan's love of leather and his belief that there was space to innovate in the men's leather goods realm. He began his business by crafting and selling handmade laptop sleeves on Etsy

Since then, Capra’s brand has started to cement itself as a brand of hand crafted, sustainable and stylish leather goods. Today, they are trusted by customers in over 100 countries in 5 continents.

We are a design studio passionate about pushing the limits of leather goods design to create products with soul. We believe in products that captivate the senses and evoke emotions.

Saola Tech Backpack Tan by Capra Leather
Gazeli Briefcase Brown by Capra Leather
Every detail is designed to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and style.
Sling Bag Navy by Capra Leather

Located in the art district of Bogotá, Capra’s shop is a place where creativity and dedication meet. Here, a group of talented artisans with decades of experience craft every order that is placed through their website. This place is the heart of the Capra brand. Every product is crafted here, every design is developed and tested here. Craftsmanship by Capra Leather. The team

We believe that when a product is crafted by hand the attention to detail is acute. The skills developed through years of experience and the artisan's character gives soul to the product. They rely on traditional crafting techniques but dedicate time to innovate on processes and materials to achieve unique designs.

Craftsmanship by Capra Leather. Inside the shop

The brand's philosophy

Capra's ethos is to never compromise quality and offer outstanding products at a fair price all year long.

Barber Toiletry Dark Brown by Capra Leather
Watch Roll Black by Capra Leather
We only use the highest quality natural materials we can get our hands on, and we are on the mission to locally source as much as possible and keep our ecological footprint low. Also, every piece is made to order to avoid waste inventory.

We believe the combination of high quality materials with the attention to detail of hand crafted goods results in a leather piece that lasts a lifetime. They offer a lifetime guarantee on every piece they craft.

Small Gear Pouch Brown by Capra Leather

They don’t spend anything on advertising, they rely on you to spread the word.
Tamarao Backpack Brown by Capra Leather

Want to support HOM? Check out the crowdfunding campaign today or explore their website to learn more.

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