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    Get your husband a gift he'll not soon forget. It never gets easier to shop for the man in your life, either he is a little picky or because he already has everything. While many women are happy with “traditional” gifts like candy, flowers, or jewelry, sometimes be a bit harder to find to find a gift that resonates with him.

    We want to help you choose the best husband gift this year. We’ve also included some unusual and creative gifts for those “hard to shop for” guys.

    1. Tamarao Backpack by Capra Leather - $249

    A classic but a goodie. If you guy is a commuter and loves leather, this gift is the perfect combo. This modern backpack has enough space for laptops and devices up to 14 inches. Yet, unlike other bags, the Tamarao Backpack actually suspends his laptop. With this design, his precious device will never hit the bottom of the bag to keep it safe and sound. If he carries around a ton of stuff, the extra padded shoulder straps will ensure he stays comfortable. If he wants to travel light, this also is the perfect accessory to have on hand for that last-minute getaway. Also available in color Tobacco, Dark Brown and Military Green.

    2. 14 Hinge Folding Bike by Schwinn - $179.99

     14 Hinge Folding Bike by Schwinn

    There is no better feeling like riding a bike through the city while everyone is stuck in their cars and buses. With a bicycle, it’s a lot of fun zipping through traffic and getting home in time for dinner. You will not find a better gift for an urban rider husband than the 14 Hinge Folding Bike. With this folder bike, there is no need to sweat whether or not someone has made off with his way home. He can take his folded, compacted bike with him on the bus, train or anywhere.

    3. Minded iPad 12.9" Case by Capra Leather - $135

    Minded iPad 12.9in Case by Capra Leather

    All of us have a man in our life that loves technology and has to be the first one to own the best gadgets on market. If he is a tech connoisseur, is more than certain he is an Apple fan. Men who own an Apple gadget like an iPad, sure know about clean design and like things well made. Give him a great addition to style to his beloved tablet with this leather laptop sleeve. This leather iPad case will keep his cargo safe while looking stylish and professional. Make this gift more personal by engraving his name on it.

    4. Wave Multitool by Leatherman - $99.95

    Every good husband deserves to have an elegant multitool, and there's no better gift option than the trusty Leatherman Wave. This is by far my most well-used multi-tool. The Wave is at the top of sales charts as well, and there’s no question on why. The Wave has a full suite of functions. You can accessorize the tool adding some Leatherman aftermarket product to bring this to the top of the class. The best part? Its engravable surfaces allow for personalization, so you will give a memorable gift to the handyman in your life.

    5. Men's Wood Charging Station and Valet by Gifts.com - $159

    If you are tired of seeing his messy nightstand, this Wood Charging Station and Valet it's the perfect gifting for him. A key behind every successful man is getting an organized start to the day. Thanks to the organization system on this wood station, his morning routine won't be based on searching for his car keys and finding his glasses. Includes a catchall for charging gadgets such as a phone or tablet and a hidden side drawer.

    6. Addox Messenger Bag by Capra Leather - $235

    If your husband bikes to work, a messenger bag is great for hauling around a lot of stuff in an accessible package. The Addox Messenger Bag is a great choice if he commutes, and needs a stylish bag that can transition well into night use. The bag comes with a 100% natural linen interior, and its exterior is fully made with the highest quality of full grain leather. What makes this handbag the perfect gift is the possibility of customization with a luxurious engraving. Also available in color Black.

    7. Men's Classic Fit Piped Pajamas by Derek Rose - $260

    There is nothing better than having some soft comfortable PJs to jump into after a long day. Give to the love of your life the coziest gift. While many types of garment go through changes over the years, men's pajamas achieved a pinnacle of design, so this will be a gift that will last through time. The Men's Classic Fit Piped Pajamas is everything a man's pajamas should be, warm, comfortable, and express a casual sense of style.

    8. Craft Beer Kit Plus by BrewDemon - $72

    Buying a gift for the beer lover in your life isn't quite as intimidating as you may think. Some drinkers are only satisfied when their beer pours fresh from the tap. For the man who wishes he could bring the taps home with him, meet the Craft Beer Kit Plus. This kit is the perfect way to test drive DIY brewing, letting him craft until 2 gallons of beer in 14 days!. The Fermentation enthusiast will be so pleased with this gift, and you will enjoy a great beer made at home.

    9. Gadget Travel Bag by Capra Leather - $89

    Any guy who loves trips knows how difficult it is to keep their gadgets in place. Frequent flyers know how annoying it is to keep electronics and small essentials in one place without spending hours looking for the one they need. That's why the Gadget Travel Bag becomes the perfect complement for the travel lover, this storage bag has enough space to carry little things like a mouse, phone, iPad or his power bank. Also, the leather design makes the entire design look eye-pleasing and one of a kind. You can take this present to another level adding a leather lining option. Also available in color Tobacco, Dark Brown and Black.

    10. I-1 Analogue Instant Camera by Polaroid - $280

    For the photography enthusiast and the nostalgia-minded partner. The Polaroid Originals I-1 is a gift to remember. This instant camera inspired by classic models takes vintage analog design into the digital age. This camera is simple to use and easily charged via USB, so your husband could take it on his next trip. This will definitely be a conversation starter for photography lovers.

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