• December 26, 2022 2 min read

    From a bespoke design to one of the first AirPods Max case alternatives on the market.

    I have always loved co-designing with clients. Some of our best sellers have come from our customer's minds and their desire for a bespoke piece.

    Are there some Apple lovers here? I'm sure they will relate to the euphoria of each of their releases. My client was one of them. The first to buy the AirPods Max before they sold out within days. And we were one of the first case alternatives on the market, picked up by MacRumors for review.

    I quite like these headphones. Mainly how easily they connect to any Apple device, even to Apple TV. Right now, with my newborn daughter, it has been one of the best acquisitions. You know you can't turn the TV up to too high volumes. Although I must admit, as they are made from aluminum, they are a bit heavy. After 20 minutes, I feel like they are killing my head. Has this been a problem for you, or is it just me?

    Apple's case (besides having an odd look, some called it the Apple bra) didn't protect the delicate headband, and its function was limited to an off-switch. Have you ever had the headband's fabric suddenly break if a pencil got in its way while packing it?

    AirPods Max Case with flap magnetic closure by Capra Leather

    Our customer needed a case that protects his new investment (not the cheapest headphones) with the same technical functionality. Besides, it must be compact and convenient for travel without taking up too much space in his bag. Don't you find it frustrating that they can't fold up for transport like other headphones?

    Our case covers almost all the headphones, including the headband, and has added padding for extra protection. We crafted it with a suede interior and individual earcup holders to avoid scratching with each other. We opted for a magnetic flap closure for quick and easy access.

    We wanted it to keep the functionality a smart case has. Our case has neodymium magnets to put them in low-power mode and preserve battery life while not in use.

    We included a dedicated slot elastic cable and easy access cable pass-through. Nothing better than charging your AirPods Max even when they are inside the case, ready to be packed as is.

    AirPod Max Smart Case in multiple colors by Capra Leather

    Our AirPods Max Case is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Navy, and Tan.

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