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    Make your iPad the new portable office and work comfortably around.

    Working behind a fancy desk has become one option among thousands. Every once in a while, I take a few days out of the office to work in a more relaxed space.

    My laptop is a MacBook Pro 16". A great work tool, but simply not the most comfortable to carry around (my MacBook doesn't get along well with the small tables at my local coffee shop). My must-have gadget will always be my iPad Air. It has become my portable office. Especially, when I'm working on a new piece design and ideas suddenly pop up.

    For me, Apple knocked it out of the park with the new iPadOS 16 update. It turned the iPad into a versatile and productive tool with new multitasking panels; features similar to macOS-style Stage Manager. I'm a two-screen guy. For me, it's invaluable to run two or more apps side by side and arrange my ideal workspace. My favorite feature is dragging and dropping files and windows from my compatible device to my connected display, a lot of time saved. An iPad can be as powerful as a standard laptop, without the bulk.

    iPad air case with pencil holder by Capra Leather

    Carrying the iPad in a sleeve is fine if you're going to use it for a couple of hours, but accessorizing it makes a difference in efficiency and usability. For those on-the-go professionals, we designed our Draftsman 6 Leather iPad Case. It allows carrying your iPad and everything it needs to be functional in a comfortable, organized, and stylish way.

    The main compartment has adequate space to fit any iPad model with its respective keyboard. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates it when the digital keyboard takes away half of the screen's visibility. Plus, it's made with a soft anti-scratch linen interior for extra protection. Recently, I added the option to customize the case with a suede interior; it gives an extra level of sophistication.

    Apple iPad Keyboard Case by Capra Leather

    Our Draftsman 6 iPad Keyboard Case is crafted with a magnetic interior divider to create a dedicated pocket for all the business essentials (power adapter, Apple pencil, cables, AirPods, dongles, and even a small-size mouse). The idea behind using a magnetic divider was to give it a clean look by using a single leather piece and keeping the divider out of sight.

    I wanted a more casual and informal style for this iPad sleeve case. Then, I included YKK metallic zippers with O-ring sliders to give it a kind of urban touch.

    Our Draftsman 6 iPad Case with Keyboard is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, and Tan.

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