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    It's not just a backpack, it's a statement piece for any urban commuter

    Why not switch it up and try biking to work instead? Not only is it a great way to exercise, but it's also eco-friendly and cost-effective. Embarking on a bike commute requires a touch of planning, a dash of visibility, smart packing, and a sprinkle of weather preparedness.

    First things first, map out your route beforehand and choose the most convenient and scenic paths. Next, prioritize your safety by wearing reflective clothing and equipping your bike with lights.

    Packing for your ride can be tricky. Minimize bulk, and don't forget basic bike tools for emergencies. Finally, be prepared to face any unexpected rain showers or wind gusts that may come your way.

    Why settle for a regular backpack when you can have one designed for bike commuters? Backpack for biking are all about convenience and functionality. They distribute weight across your back and shoulders, making your ride a breeze. Plus, your free hands for steering, signaling turns, and adjusting your gear.

    Reflective Cycling Backpack Brown by Capra Leather

    With bike commuters in mind, we designed our Oxye Bike Backpack. This versatile accessory complements your urban lifestyle, combining practicality with a fashion-forward flair.

    Black backpacks for bike commuting by Capra Leather

    Cycle backpack made with front and side reflective strips to increase visibility, keeping you safe during nighttime rides. Further, X loops on each side for attaching lights, holding your U-lock, or clipping on your helmet upon arrival.

    The airflow back panel will keep you cool and collected, while the convenient carrying handle lets you strut your stuff off the bike. Plus, with quick access side pockets and clamshell-style opening accessible from the back. Everything is taken in while navigating the urban jungle.

    Backpack Biking Commuting Tan by Capra Leather

    Our Bike commuter backpack features a spacious main compartment with a dedicated laptop and tablet pocket to keep your valuable tech safe and secure. Plus, an internal pouch, zipper pocket, and side elastic holders to carry your items securely.

    You can add an optional built-in water-resistant rain cover. Ensure your belongings stay dry and protected even in the heaviest downpours. Stay prepared and enjoy a worry-free ride, rain or shine.

    Best Backpacks for Biking Brown by Capra Leather

    Combining style and thoughtful design makes your ride comfortable, convenient, and safe. Gear up, personalize your street bike backpack, and hit the road with confidence.

    Our Oxye commuter bike backpack is available in Black, Brown, and Tan.

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