• Black Friday is here.

    Following Capra’s tradition, we’re taking a sustainable approach and encouraging conscious shopping. We won't have sales. 

    As a thank you for trusting us we are offering a digital souvenir of the crafting process. You’ll receive an image of your order during the crafting process and an image of the hand signed card with your name on it. Valid on all pieces purchased from Friday 26th November to Monday 29th November. 

    At Capra, we’ll never compromise quality. We make pieces that last a lifetime and stand by a lifetime warranty on them.

    As an independent small business, we have sought to grow by putting our values in the soul of all our pieces, and taking great care in the products we craft. Every leather piece, every photo, and every message is made in our Studio by a small team of artisans and staff.

    Lastly, every Capra piece is made to order, which translates into zero waste inventory. Rather than producing without any evidence that products will sell, the crafting process only begins once we receive the order. This not only reduces waste but avoids stock that must be sold at huge discounts. And allows us to be very acute, making every piece unique.

    We believe that by encouraging small businesses and celebrating made to order craftsmanship we can drive change to a sustainable future.

    Capra Team