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At Capra we are dedicated to selecting the highest quality materials that we can get our hands on. Sensitive textures that blend perfectly for a unique product experience. Choosing all natural materials we are on a mission with the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint by using local products and making sure they are environmentally friendly.

Full grain leather


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Our leather comes from the finest hides and tanneries in the country. Reducing the tanning process to the minimum, every hide showcases natural markings, blemishes and an heterogeneous grain, making every piece special. A reminder of how leather really is. Full-grain leather, like most finer things in life, improves with age, developing a patina over time and use.



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With Japanese quality standards you can't go wrong, these are simply the most reliable zippers in the world.
We use security sliders, won't slide if not pulled, on all main compartments to avoid accidental opening

YKK metallic zippers
100% natural linen


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Beloved by Ancient Egypt and known to be the world's strongest natural fiber, linen will last a lifetime. It is lightweight, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the piece. Linen is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, repelling microorganisms. Excellent choice as a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fiber. We definitely want the interior to be as tasteful as the exterior.



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Softness, thinness, and pliability makes it an fenomenal material for hand crafting. From the skin of pig or goat, it's porous surface makes it breathable when needed, its signature napped texture is pleasing to touch. The blend of full grain leather with suede is distinctive Capra design feature. 

Suede material
Italian waxed thread


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Strong, thick and difficult to tangle, making it great for hand stitching. The colors are richer and the texture is beautiful, without a doubt you'll notice the difference from a regular thread. An ancient tradition that is still kept alive today just shows the quality it brings to the products.


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A natural cellulose fiber that breathes, is soft to the touch, has great resistance and luxury looks. Cotton is an excellent choice as a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. We definitely want the interior of our products to be as tasteful as the exterior.



Hydrofuge logo

Achieved during the finishing process, chemically modifying the pores of the hide surface structure without altering the aesthetics. This process makes our full grain leather a slippery surface for liquids as well as resistant to water absorption for up to one hour. Perfect for winter or rainy seasons. If in contact with water or snow, dry it off with a cloth, the leather will remain intact.

hydrofugated leather
water drops detail

Foam tech

Ergonomic tech that reacts to pressure and heat to mold perfectly to your body. When unused it goes back to its original shape for a fresh start every time.
Disclaimer: It's not sustainable, unfortunately there are no sustainable options in the market right now.

Memory foam
Memory foam reaction

Two tone tech

Achieved during the tanning process, the wet blue leather is treated with a lighter shade that desired, giving it the base tone. Then is treated with natural-based oils and waxes that darkens it and gets us to the desired tone. When the leather is stressed, the two-tone effect appears. Applying heat to it (rub it with your fingers) will make it go back to the regular tone. This effect makes the leather look vivid attaining a beautiful patina over time. You can also stress on purpose in places where you wish to have a distressed effect.

two tone leather
two tone detail


Eco cotton packaging


Made from 100% organic cotton, the bag is super soft and has a luxurious feel to the touch. Designed to be recycled or reused, it's good to keep your leather goods safe while not in use, to store and carry other stuff and to clean and nourish leather.

Comes with a hand signed card, signed by the artisan, to complete the experience of owning a Capra product and make an unforgettable gift.

Backpack gift wrap


Take it to another level by custom engraving any product with initials, a full name or any idea, thought you wish. Elegant and discreet, Montserrat typeface is modern and timeless, giving a luxurious feel to your newly acquired leather good. Please note that custom engraved pieces are non-returnable unless they are faulty.


Typeface, Montserrat Light is part of the sans serif family,
it’s a geometric style of type that has subtle optical adjustments.

Bronze cast types, 7mm in height, CNC machined. All caps.

Maximum 13 characters


All Capra pieces are guaranteed for a lifetime. We design and craft them to last the duration of a person's life. There's no reason why products should start falling apart after a couple of years of use, but it's what we are getting used to. We want to change that.

If any of our products ever fail, under normal use circumstances, as a result of defects in materials or craftsmanship, we’ll repair or replace them free of charge and cover the shipping back to you.

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