• March 20, 2018 4 min read

    In a perfect world, you would spare no expense when it came to buying gifts for your boyfriend. But we know you still have to pay rent, food and other important things you can't skip.

    With our gift guide, it'll be completely possible to get to the man in your life a perfect gift with a reduced budget.

    We've handpicked ten great affordable boyfriend gifts that will make you look awesome.

    1. Magnetic Key Holder by Capra Leather - $39

    Are you tired of seeing your boyfriend tear the whole house down when looking for his keys? just to find out they were in his pockets, don't you worry, all of us go through the same horrible situation. Imagine having a stylish and helpful product to avoid this to happen. Help him keep his home stylish and tidy with the Capra Magnetic Leather Key Holder. It is completely covered with leather including the keychain pieces. Underneath the leather are powerful magnets that will keep the keys in place. You can customize the keychains with his initials monogrammed on it. Also available in color tobacco.

    2. Whiskey Set by Lord's Rocks - $29.87

    Don't let your love partner ruin his expensive beverage with ice, this only will end up in an insipid watery drink that no one would want. If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy celebrations, a Whiskey gift set is the way to go. Sitting in an engraved wooden box, this set is the perfect gift due to its classiness. Also, the stones are made from 100% natural granite, so he doesn't have to worry about extra flavors in his drink.

    3. Zip Card Holder by Capra Leather - $39

    Is your man always in a suit or loves ties? Chances are his personality is the businessman. The professional guy in your life could use a leather Zip Card Holder for all the business cards he'll collect every day. You can make this gift more memorable engraving his name on it. It also comes in a 100% eco cotton bag, in case he wants to protect his leather good while not in use.

    4. 12-Hour Hand Warmer by Zippo - $21.95

    If your guy is an outdoors one, he's probably making plans to go camping, hiking, hunting, snowboarding or any cold-weather activity. Keep him from freezing hands with this sleek metal hand warmer that lasts up to 12 hours. He can use it in his jacket pockets during some pretty cold days and feel at home. This hand warmers are available in a chrome, black or realtree camo finish.

    5. Tie Magnets by Tie Mags - $29.95

    There are guys that don't set up with the typical tie. Even if they find it in a variety of colors and patterns, they have to print their own mark on it. If this is your boyfriend's case, a tie mag is a perfect and affordable gift for him. Every Tie Mag leaves a lasting impression but will never leave a hole in his necktie.

    6. Into Focus Mug by NUOP - $19.98

    If your man is a Pro or an aspiring photographer, he'll have even more of one reason to enjoy his morning coffee. The Into Focus mug is shaped like a professional camera lens and can be closed with a silicone lid. Even better: it’s dishwasher safe and has a cap to keep the coffee fresh. A perfect gift for someone who would rather cozy up with a lens of coffee instead of a boring old cup of joe.

    7. Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse by Logitech - $38

    Any guy that considers himself a gamer needs the right gear to win every battle in the digital world. Don't worry, it is possible to find an inexpensive wireless mouse that suits his gaming needs. The Logitech mouse has a Delta Zero sensor technology that delivers pinpoint accuracy so your guy will never miss a shot. The performance and features of this mouse can please even the most demanding gamer.

    8. Jumbo Mouse Pad Kit by Capra Leather - $35

    If he had invested $100 or more in great office tools like a gamer mouse, it couldn't hurt to plunk down a little bit more for an awesome mouse pad to go with it. While mouse pads aren't the absolute necessity, they provide a streamlined surface that won't wear down the mouse, plus they are a great way to decor with classiness an office desk. The Capra Jumbo Mouse Pad Kit Drift's beauty in its simplicity. This full grain leather mouse pad is smooth up front and comes with two cable organizers to keep a tidy workspace. Customize this affordable leather piece engraving the name of your loved one on it. Also available in color marron, acorn, and black.

    9. Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker by JBL - $47

    There’s a Bluetooth speaker for about every person, and the JBL waterproof speaker is sure for outdoor adventurers boyfriends. They need something that will survive a spill or a drop in the tub. We know they don’t exactly plan on taking a swim with a Bluetooth speaker strapped to their backs. But the peace of mind that you get when you know you won’t ruin a Bluetooth speaker by getting it wet is priceless. The Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes in a variety of colors like blue, red and grey making it the perfect gift for anyone.

    10. Cowhide Coasters Set by Capra Leather - From $23

    Need a unique affordable boyfriend gift? These coasters are sure to please! They look great on any surface while protecting it. They lay very flat on the tables, providing a stable surface for drinks, so he will never have to deal with those horrible marks on his dinner table again.

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