• Why made to order

    A meaningful sustainability

    Valuing handcrafted goods is a celebration of the human spirit and a declaration of our commitment to preserve and promote artistic excellence. The value of handcrafted goods shines in a rapidly evolving world. Acting as a poignant reminder of our heritage and the essence of human creativity. The focus on quality over quantity reduces waste and lessens the burden on our planet's resources.

    Embracing the art of handcrafting made to order

    The made-to-order philosophy is, without doubt, a mark of our unwavering commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. Under this principle, every piece takes shape only upon the confirmation of a customer's order. This mindful practice serves as a paramount safeguard against the pitfalls of excess inventory and the peril of overproduction, both of which can sadly result in superfluous waste and the disposal of unsold items.

    In house made to order at Capra Leather

    By prudently adhering to this made-to-order approach, we not only safeguard the integrity of our craft but also contribute to the conservation of resources and a more sustainable future for our precious planet.

    Our in-house made-to-order philosophy fosters a deep sense of personalization, forging a special connection between our artisans and customers. Each product is uniquely tailored to reflect the individuality of its owner, allowing for small additions or changes that transform it into a cherished possession embodying sophistication and artistic expression.

    Made to Order Sling Bag

    We offer a unique differentiated experience that cannot be replicated through mass production.