• September 23, 2022 4 min read

    If you have a man in your life who is constantly talking about his next trip to some foreign country, you sure want to skip the moneybelt this year and buy him something that he'll actually love.

    Take the plunge and scroll through for men's gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest on your list

    1. Tamarao Backpack by Capra Leather - $249

    A classic but a goodie. If you guy is a commuter and loves leather, this gift is the perfect combo. This modern backpack has enough space for laptops and devices up to 14 inches. Yet, unlike other bags, the Tamarao Backpack actually suspends his laptop. With this design, his precious device will never hit the bottom of the bag to keep it safe and sound. If he carries around a ton of stuff, the extra padded shoulder straps will ensure he stays comfortable. If he wants to travel light, this also is the perfect accessory to have on hand for that last-minute getaway. Also available in color Tobacco, Dark Brown and Military Green.

    2. Boxer Dopp Kit by Capra Leather - $79

    Boxer Dopp Kit by Capra Leather

    Whether he's heading out for a quick weekend travel or a longer soul-searching sabbatical, grooming supplies are essential considering he'll need to look his best for dining out, legendary parties, and Instagram likes. So help him put away that non-style Ziploc bag and give him an awesome Dopp kit. This toiletry bag is unique in its class, inspired by the boxing punching bags, giving it a fresh original look that he'll love. Also available in color black and green.

    3. Shaving Gift Set by Captain Fawcett - $104

    To get a smooth face that's free razor bumps and ingrown hairs, a man needs a few products that'll help him get the job done. The captain Fawcett shaving gift set is a full kit of the finest shaving accessories that are sure to satisfy any modern gentleman.

    4. Six Pack Insulated Tote by Picnic Time - $20

    Six Pack Insulated Tote by Picnic Time

    If your guy is like the 99.9% of men, he really loves beer, so this neoprene tote is the perfect companion for a cold six-pack of this favorite beverage. This cooler is perfect to take in his next beach trip or to a bonfire with his friends.

    5. Wave Multitool by Leatherman - $99.95

    Every good husband deserves to have an elegant multitool, and there's no better gift option than the trusty Leatherman Wave. This is by far my most well-used multi-tool. The Wave is at the top of sales charts as well, and there’s no question on why. The Wave has a full suite of functions. You can accessorize the tool adding some Leatherman aftermarket product to bring this to the top of the class. The best part? Its engravable surfaces allow for personalization, so you will give a memorable gift to the handyman in your life.

    6. 12-Hour Hand Warmer by Zippo - $21.95

    If your guy is an outdoors one, he's probably making plans to go camping, hiking, hunting, snowboarding or any cold-weather activity. Keep him from freezing hands with this sleek metal hand warmer that lasts up to 12 hours. He can use it in his jacket pockets during some pretty cold days and feel at home. This hand warmers are available in a chrome, black or realtree camo finish.

    7. Barber Toiletry Bag | Capra Leather | Starting from $79

    barbet toiletries bag in brown. by capra leather.

    Every man deserves a good toiletry bag, and gifting one for Father’s Day has basically become a tradition. Great for business or leisure travel, toiletry bags are the perfect companion to make sure that no goods go missing, and no toothpaste explosions turn into tragedies. The Barber Toiletry Bag by Capra Leather is big enough to pack all the necessities, but still small enough to fit inside hand luggage for a quick work trip. Made from full-grain leather and lined with a waterproof interior, The Barber ticks all the boxes: it’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it’s extremely functional. Available in seven different colors. The Barber can be easily matched to fit in well with dad’s luggage and personal taste.

    8. Gadget Travel Bag by Capra Leather - $89

    Anyone who loves trips knows how difficult it is to keep their gadgets in place, that's why the Gadget Travel Bag becomes the perfect complement for the travel lovers, cause what would be from them without their camera and their electronic objects to survive a weekend in the wild.

    9. Watch Roll by Capra Leather - From $59

    One of the greatest first world problems of every man who owns more than two watches is figuring out how they’re going to carry them when traveling, without messing them up. Luckily for them, the watch roll exist, a neat-looking leather roll that stores watches and small accessories in a tight package, offering a worthy storage solution for the classy traveler.

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