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    The ultimate travel laptop backpack you'll ever need.

    I love the excitement of short unplanned trips. Pick your destination, grab your favorite backpack, pack only the essentials and let yourself go.

    I like to travel light and stay stylish. For me, a backpack is the best choice. It's important to choose the right size. You don't want it to be too small or too big. Have you ever been frustrated buying online without knowing which one fits your needs? There are two things to consider when selecting the size of your backpack: your body shape and the stuff you’ll carry.

    I'm a tall guy, I don't want to look like I'm carrying a kid's backpack. Small, medium or large will depend on your torso length, not your overall height. The length of your torso goes from the 7th cervical to an imaginary line that crosses over your hip bones. You can always ask a friend to measure the distance between these two points. Usually, small backpacks fit 16" to 17" torsos, medium 18" to 19" torsos, and large 20" torsos.

    Best backpack for travel packing list by Capra Leather

    For me, mid-size travel backpacks, between 20 and 29 liters, are perfect for a weekend trip. Packing light is not the easiest task, but if you manage to do it, your feet will thank you. My packing list always includes my essential daily carry (phone, AirPods, wallet, well-made pen, card holder, and battery charger), some black pants, two t-shirts, a lightweight sweater, a jacket when it's cold, and my toiletry bag. I always carry my laptop and all the gadgets to get work done. I love taking pictures of everything, so my street camera can't be missing either.

    Best travel backpack for men by Capra Leather

    For those spontaneous trips, we designed our Banteng Travel Backpack in two sizes: Large 20L for daily commuting or one-day trips and Extra large 24L for weekend getaways. The perfect combination of functionality and style.

    The main compartment is big enough to carry two nights' worth of stuff. It has a back compartment for laptops up to 17" with an interior pocket for small items like cables and chargers. Plus an easy-access side pocket, so you can keep your passport, wallet, and keys close at hand.

    I designed it with memory foam padded shoulder straps for added comfort to carry the bag all day long. Although if you are walking a lot, I recommend packing the lightest possible, eventually you’ll get a sore back. Plus, an eyewear holder to keep glasses handy on those sunny days.

    For those who travel with luggage, I included a discreet luggage strap. You'll only know it's there when you need it.

    Last but not least, our Capra signature: hand-stitched zipper tabs. They give a unique touch to handmade pieces.

    Our Banteng Travel Backpack is available in Black, Brown, Navy, and Tan.

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