• September 15, 2022 2 min read

    At Capra, we are always exploring new opportunities to create unique products. We can proudly say that we have not seen anything like them. Please take a look.

    We are excited to announce our latest products: the Multiple Sunglasses Travel Case and the Double Glasses Case [Updated Design]

    Handcrafted in full-grain leather to match the high aesthetic of any eyewear collection. Linen or suede interior to protect your eyeglasses from scuffs and scratches. Keep them organized and ready to go.

    Meet our Multiple Sunglasses Travel Case

    Multiple sunglasses case brown by Capra Leather

    Our sunglasses case, with its semi-hard exterior, is perfect for carrying and protecting your glasses when you're on the go.

    Sunglasses case individual pads by Capra Leather

    Built to meet the needs of all styles. Individual padded dividers allow you to adjust the compartments to fit all types and sizes of sunglasses and reading glasses. Keep them safe and in one place when traveling with multiple pairs.

    Multiple sunglasses travel case black by Capra Leather

    Capra's multiple glasses case has a wide opening and magnetic closure for easy access and greater functionality. It's the perfect place to display your designer eyewear collection. Give them the space they deserve in your closet, bedside table, or desk.

    Our Multiple Sunglasses Travel Case is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Navy, and Tan.

    Meet our Double Glasses Case [Updated Design]

    Double glasses case brown by Capra Leather

    New design, same essence. Updated design with 2 wider compartments to carefully fit your favorite pair of glasses and carry them thrown your way.

    Eyeglasses case airtag holder by Capra Leather

    With an AirTag holder, you'll lose the knack for losing things, and keep an eye on your glasses wherever you go.

    Double glasses case reversed zippers by Capra Leather

    Our eyeglasses case features reversed zippers, be gentle to the touch while storing your glasses, and protect them from accidental scratches.

    Our Double Glasses Case is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Navy, and Tan.

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