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    The perfect travel companion to keep you organized

    Business travels are just beginning. I quite enjoy attending entrepreneurship conventions or conferences; networking opportunities are endless. Making a good impression is key. I like to wear accessories that are remarkable and catch the eye.

    I always take my MacBook and all the accessories I might need during the day in my backpack. But sometimes, there aren't enough pockets (or hands) to carry all those cool contraptions and keep them organized. I prefer a gadget bag as it has more space to store accessories. I use it every day at work, and I bring it with me when I travel.

    I like the gear bag's versatility. On weekdays, I use it as an office bag to carry my iPad, notebook, charger, cables, headphones, power bank, and mouse. On weekends, it is my photography companion. I'm a hobby photographer, so I don't carry much equipment, my DSLR camera, rechargeable battery, memory cards, lens filter set (UV & polarizing), lens hood, memory card reader, cleaning kit, and camera strap. The gadget bag is perfect for assembling my modest shooting set when finding the right spot. I even have a friend who uses his to carry elementary hand tools when he leaves the house and doesn't want those big, out-of-fashion boxes. The things you can store there are almost infinite.

    Tech Organizer Brown by Capra Leather

    I want to introduce you to our Small Gadget Bag 2, the perfect travel companion to keep you organized. A handy bag to hold all your EDC items, tech gadgets, and accessories (or whatever you want to fill it with) when traveling and even at home too. Our leather gear bag has an expansion and compression system, making it a bit wide, ranging from 2.2″ to 3.5″. It will hold your essential gadgetry at its maximum capacity, but it can be compressed to carry just a couple of them.

    Tech Organizer for Travel Brown by Capra Leather

    It has 10 different-sized elastic slots that allow endless custom configurations to hold everything from cables to smartphones to batteries. Plus, there's plenty of room for your larger gear, as it fits up to 11" devices or an A5 notebook. It includes an anti scratch leather divider (which you can also use as a mouse pad) to keep your luggage mess-free and well-protected. You can stop being anxious over your devices.

    It has a divided zipped pocket for small and micro gadgets, which makes it easier to find smaller items. When I carry my camera gear, that's where I keep my memory cards; I don't want to lose hours of work.

    Gadget Bag for Travel Tan by Capra Leather

    I wanted to add a few extra accessibility details to the bag outside. We included a quick access concealed pocket for a passport or money. It also has a side cable pass-through to charge your device even when it is inside the bag, ready to be packed as it is. Plus, 2 quick retrieve glasses or pencils holder on the front. You won't have to ask all over the place for an extra pen.

    Luggage Strap Tech Organizer Travel Black by Capra Leather

    There will always be room for customization. You can choose between linen or leather interior to give your own touch adapted to your needs. For those who take their gear pouch on a trip, it has an optional invisible luggage strap; you'll only notice it when you need it. Gorgeous workmanship inside and out.

    Our Small Gear Pouch #2 is available in Black, Brown, and Tan.

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