• August 26, 2022 1 min read

    The magic of a handmade piece is the story behind who created it

    The artist immerses himself in his thoughts when creativity leads their hands. He inspires by finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and letting the imagination run wild.

    The studio is his place where creativity takes courage to break the rules and craft authentic pottery pieces. Making every day a journey to observe, explore, feel, touch and experiment. Enjoy getting messy to shape beauty with his hands. To live a creative life, losing the fear of keep trying over and over again. Embracing irregularities turns into his artistic signature, making the unpredictable something.

    Elements of craft textures workshop

    Elements of craft handmade

    Elements of craft textures pottery

    At Capra, we not only want to tell stories but to be part of them. Be the meeting point where the artistic spirit turns into stunning handmade pieces. Encourage taking risks to explore new possibilities. Be part of unexpected moments when inspiration takes place. Arouse the passion for enjoying the simple things, living one day at a time.

    Elements of craft artisan tools


    gearpouch brown by capra leather


    bisonte backpack brown by capra leather


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