• June 26, 2020 4 min read

    With more and more companies accepting the idea of remote work, and, consequently, more employees being asked to work from home, having the right space to get the job done seems a priority.

    It makes sense that if you’re working from home you’d want a space of your own to sit back comfortably and see through the day’s tasks. That’s where the home office comes in. It’s a closed-off room away from other members of the house, it’s organized to your liking, and it’s a space of inspiration and creation.

    If you’ve recently been asked to >work from home by your employer, or if you’ve decided to quit the 9-5 grind to become your own boss, here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your home office and make it your own.

    1. Find the right home office furniture

    If there’s one thing you take away from this, it’s that home office design is all about picking the right furniture. From the right desk to the right chair, these two very important pieces can make or break any modern home office.

    work from home office with laptop

    When it comes to the desk, the biggest thing you need to keep in mind is your home office layout and size. Depending on what you do, you might need a larger workbench to fit all your supplies or a small desk that fits a computer, writing space, and some pens. Check out local shops for large pieces like this, or hit up a carpenter with a design you like for a custom-made desk.

    On the other hand, when it comes to chairs, you need to keep in mind that most work from home jobs require you to be at the desk for extended periods of time. This means you’ll need to find something that not only looks nice but also feels nice. Most people who work from home and are designing a home office struggle to find the right chair, but it shouldn’t be a daunting task. When you’re picking one out, make sure you pay attention to the back and arm support, since these will be key indicators of how it’ll feel 4 hours into the workday. As long as you feel good while sitting in it, that’s all that really matters. Which leads us to...

    2. Comfort is key

    You’re going to be spending tons of time in your home office, which means comfort should be at the top of your priorities. Even if you only part-time work from home, a great chunk of your day will probably be spent in front of the computer or taking calls from clients from your desk. So, when it comes to home office design, your health and comfort are non-negotiable.

    black leather footrest for home office

    Footrests, for example, are a great way to improve your posture while keeping your feet and legs from getting too tired if you’re sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Keeping your feet elevated with the help of a footrest allows for easier blood flow and circulation, which prevents health issues in the future that you might be affected by.

    Another great way to make your more comfortable is by investing in a second monitor and a raised stand. This not only helps for neck and shoulder pain, but it’s also a great way to increase productivity if you’re not a fan of handling multiple tabs at once.

    brown leather desk pad with laptop

    Lastly, investing in a leather desk mat or a keyboard and mouse pad can also help make any modern home office feel a lot more comfortable. Having the additional layer between your keyboard and your wooden desk not only softens the impact when you’re typing, scrolling, or writing, but it also gives an added touch of elegance to any work surface.

    3. Keep things tidy

    Alright, let’s use a very broad definition of the word “tidy” because someone’s mess might be someone’s treasure trove of inspiration. However, one thing’s for sure: knowing where your stuff is located really does help. So whether you prefer organized chaos or a crisp and clean workspace, your home office design should be a reflection of that.

    brown leather pencil case

    A great way to keep your home office workspace organized is by using pen and pencil holders to keep your writing - or drawing, painting, cutting, etc. - tools at arm’s reach. Whether you choose a small pot to keep them organized, or you prefer the look and feel of a minimalist pencil case, you’ll be glad you’ve put your things away when the time comes to take notes on a meeting or call.

    brown leather desk mat with slot for pencils

    Desk pads, as we mentioned above, are also a great way to keep your home office desk neat and tidy. Not only do they make your desk look great - which means you’ll want to keep clutter out of sight - but some also come with special details like a slot to keep pens and pencils organized and at hand.

    Last, but not least, a great phone stand should be a must for any modern home office design. Your notifications will be on-hand, and it’s also a great second screen to use for video work calls when you’d like to keep your computer screen available.

    leather iphone stand for desk

    4. It’s all about the lighting

    Light is extremely important for any home office design, and if you’re one of the lucky ones with a naturally light home office, you won’t have to deal with headaches and tired eyes at the end of the workday.

    However, if your window leaves a lot to be desired, there are always ways to fix the issue. There are plenty of brands out there who are working to come up with lamps that replicate natural light, which means you’ll have several options to at least fake the sun shining through.

    5. Find out what works best for you

    At the end of the day, it’s your home office, which means everything in it should be suited to your liking - no matter what anyone says. Do you need a shelving unit for organizing documents? Get them! Would you rather have a couch where you can relax in between calls? Go out and find the perfect couch for some much-deserved R&R time. Do you feel like something’s missing? Grab some plants, books, and pictures to hang around the room for some added company. When you >work from home full-time, the possibilities of how to spruce up your modern home office are endless.

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