• November 18, 2016 2 min read

    Just a few days after our latest launch, Bisonte, the creative minds behind Capra’s ever growing collection bring you two new must-have items for any working professional.

    Fresh off the production table, Roko leather briefcase and Nava leather briefcase, are ready to join you in and outside the boardroom.

    leather briefcase for men

    While Bisonte was designed for a lifestyle that requires a more hands-off approach to everyday carry, Roko leather briefcase and Nava leather briefcase should appeal to a crowd of professionals who prefer a style complement rather than just a laptop bag. In line with Capra’s “less is more” philosophy, both models are designed with minimal stitching in order to keep the leather as natural and untouched as possible.

    This minimalist design allows for the briefcase to be paired with anything: from your favorite suit to your go-to casual Friday slacks, Roko leather briefcase and Nava leather briefcase will never clash. Plus, the outside zipped pocket, featured in both designs, allows for quick access to certain gadgets when you’re on the move.

    leather briefcase for men

    Built for maximum comfort and functionality, both models of the briefcase feature a cross-body strap with added shoulder and neck padding – a feeling of luxury that can’t be topped. Additionally, both bag’s handles are adorned with hand stitched Italian waxed thread, a common element in our previous items, and give you the opportunity of choosing between two styles:

    The inside of the bag offers even more surprises. Its paisley pattern interior lining gives the briefcase an added element of elegance that always manages to surprise and delight Capra’s faithful customers. The inside divider pocket fits laptops up to 15.6” and comes with soft padding for added protection. On the opposite side, the briefcase features a zipped pocket as well as additional compartments; while Nava leather briefcase offers one for a pen or plume and one for smaller gadgets such as a small notepad, Roko leather briefcase boasts two pockets for each of these items. Again, as a nod to previous customers, both bags are equipped with our traditional clip-on keychain accessory.

    Roko and Nava leather briefcases are available in two classic colors: black and tobacco, as well as in a vertical or horizontal model.

    Leather workbag for men

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