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    Handmade cool leather backpack rucksack for men. 13 inch laptop backpack, back to school. Designer traveling fashion bag. Personalized gifts for men. Mens bags.

    At Capra, we’re all about making life and its transitions much more comfortable and enjoyable for all our customers. After launching THE SUBSTANTIAL, we thought: "Why not create an everyday, working bag?" And that’s exactly what we did.

    Meet your new favorite backpack: THE BISONTE


    Leather backpack brown by Capra

    Made from the same high quality, full-grain material that’s used in all our other products, this leather backpack helps you ease comfortably and stylishly from an academic environment into the workplace. The bag's back and shoulder straps are lined with premium lightweight and breathable suede, which will keep the fit comfortable against your back and soft to the touch.

    Leather backpack for men cool rucksack school

    Bisonte has everything you need to store all your goods and gadgets while still looking put together. The two zipped pockets, one in the front and a hidden one in the back, with completely hand stitched tabs, allow you to keep valuables handy without worrying about misplacing them. Both pockets are big enough to fit small goods such as your wallet, phone and the occasional treat.

    Backpack leather for men by Capra Leather


    The inside of the pack is also lined with the same paisley fabric that’s used in some of our other products. This makes finding items stored in the backpack much easier, as well as giving it an air of sophistication. Plus, it comes equipped with an inner divisor that will keep your laptop, books and other items safe and in place.

    Leather rucksack for men cool leather backpack

    Additionally, as a nod to our previous customers, the backpack also comes with our signature keychain clip that will keep your house or car keys in place instead of lost inside the backpack – no more fidgeting around in order to find them after a long day at work.

    As per usual, the backpack’s minimalist design allows for it to be used anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re running to class, starting at your first job, or simply moving about town, Bisonte will blend perfectly into any style.

    Bisonte is available in our five signature colors: Black, Tobacco, Hunter Green and Gravel Gray.

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