Unique Craftsmanship handmade hand stitched leather work Capra Leather

There are 5 reasons that we are passionate to share with you about why Capra's craftsmanship is unique:

We use full grain leather, this is the top layer of the hide, the finest and real. It has natural marks gathered through the cow’s life, making each case unique. Most leather tanneries hide this by using lower layers of the hide, sanding it or engraving it with patterns.

Hand cut and using the minimum number of pieces, it enhances the authenticity of the leather and the durability of the piece. Most makers do it from multiple pieces as it’s easier to cut and reduces costs. When hand cutting, attention to detail is acute.

Using the saddle technique, if stitch breaks, the thread is only loosened on one side, the other side continues to hold the leather together. When a machine lock stitch breaks, the thread on both sides is loosened and the product becomes weak or falls apart.

Italian waxed thread, weight 1 millimeter, impossible for machines to stitch with it, unbreakable and beautiful.

Like a glove. Break in time of around two weeks for a perfect fit afterwards.

Personalized Engraving Service

Leather Personalized Engraving Service for the perfect gift. Metal cast types

Each Capra product is unique, each piece of leather has it’s own distinctive characteristics, each hand stitch has it’s own soul, however, you can take it to another level by engraving initials, a full name or any idea, thought you wish (just keep it short, maximum 13 characters) into any product on the store.

Elegant and discreet, Montserrat typeface is modern and timeless, giving a luxurious feel to your newly acquired leather good.


  • Typeface, Montserrat Light is part of the sans serif family, it’s a geometric style of type that has subtle optical adjustments.
  • Bronze cast types, 7mm in height, CNC machined.
  • All caps, only letters. Maximum 11 characters
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