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    Driven by his family legacy and a thirst for knowledge

    Born and raised in the vibrant city of Bogotá, Juan Andrés carries the extraordinary legacy of two remarkable lineages: skilled shoemakers and compassionate doctors.

    His childhood unfurled against the sublime backdrop of the Andes Mountains, a tapestry of majestic beauty and varied landscapes, offering endless opportunities for exploration and awe in the crisp mountain air. Amongst these natural wonders, he would occasionally catch glimpses of the magnificent Andean Condor, the largest bird of prey in the world, gracefully gliding through the skies with its wings outstretched.

    These encounters left a lasting impact on him, igniting a deep bond with nature and a realization of the delicate harmony between humans and the environment we share. Beyond the natural splendor, it was the warmth and love of his lovely family of five that truly shaped his character.

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    Every week, he eagerly looked forward to visiting his grandparents. The fond memories of those cherished moments still lingered in his heart. The unconditional love and wisdom they shared with him played an integral role in molding him into the person he was to become.

    Growing up amidst the dynamism of his family's shoe factory, he found himself enamored with the craftsmanship involved in creating footwear. It was his grandmother, a sophisticated and forward-thinking business woman with a passion for fashion, who took him under her wing.

    Her love for leather crafts took her on frequent journeys to Italy in pursuit of her passion, she immersed herself in the world of fine leatherwork and honed her skills from the best artisans in the industry. During her time there, she visited La Scuola Del Cuoio in Florence to master Italian techniques, often pausing to pray at The Basilica of Santa Croce. Under her guidance, he gained a deep appreciation for the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that went into crafting each pair of fine shoes. Her influence not only sparked his creativity but also instilled in him a sense of determination to pursue excellence in his endeavors.

    On the other hand, his grandfather was an adventurous and selfless soul, whose heart lay in providing medical aid to the people of rural areas in the Andes. Mounted on horseback, he ventured into remote regions, tending to the medical needs of those residing in the breathtaking landscapes that surrounded him. Witnessing his grandfather's dedication to the welfare of others left an indelible mark on Juan Andrés, inspiring him to strive for compassion and service in his own life.

    When confronted with the choice of his field of study, Juan Andrés faced a significant dilemma. On one side, there was the analytical realm of mathematical engineering, while on the other, the alluring world of design beckoned him. Rather than limiting himself to a single path, he decided to embrace an unconventional approach and pursue both fields. Considering his family's background in medicine, where extensive years of studying were customary, his decision to embark on a decade-long educational journey felt like a natural extension of his heritage.

    In 2015, the realization of a childhood passion, came to life.