• September 16, 2022 2 min read

    Choosing between your favorite watches is no longer necessary. Never struggles again to pick which ones to travel with and take them all with you. Our designer watch case comes in 2 versions to meet all watch enthusiasts' needs. Magnet or pin nickel closure, you decide!

    Perfect travel size watch case. Carry your watch collection wherever you go, and be ready for any occasion thrown your way.

    Watch display case black by Capra Leather


    Handcrafted in full-grain leather by our talented artisans. Our travel watch case is the perfect accessory for high-end timepieces collectors.


    Watch case linen interior by Capra Leather


    With linen or suede interior to protect your watches from scratches and bumps when you're on the move.


    Watch case for men brown by Capra Leather


    Fits up to 4 watches with individual cushions to slide in and out and set each one easily. Not too big, not too small, just the right size and no wiggle room.


    Leather watch case brown by Capra Leather


    Give your timepieces a sleek off-the-wrist place. An optional leather stand to display them at home and give them the space they deserve. Features an extra slot to place and organize your tools.


    Magnetic Closure

    Mens watch case brown by Capra Leather


    We embrace quartz watches, the technology is cool, and the functionality and accuracy are unequaled. The first version of our leather watch case comes with magnetic snaps for quick access closure. Flawless watch display case for your classic and digital quartz models. Discreet, elegant, and minimalist.

    Our Mag Travel Watch Case is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, and Tan.


    Pin Closure

    Leather watch case black by Capra Leather


    An automatic movement, the grail of watch collecting, a piece of art and engineering. For mechanical watch lovers, we have designed our watch holder with black nickel pins. Protect your timepieces from being magnetized. Time will never run 10 minutes faster or 10 minutes slower. 

    Our Pin Travel Watch Case is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, and Tan.

    A unique top notch piece for a newly or experienced watch obsessed.

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