March 08, 2018 4 min read

If you have a man in your life who is constantly talking about his next trip to some foreign country, you sure want to skip the moneybelt this year and buy him something that he'll actually love. Intrepid globe-trotters will appreciate practical solutions that can help make any journey more comfortable and convenient for them.

So here are some gift ideas for travelers that are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Most travelers can relate to the airport grind and the need to have their travel documents at the ready. When he is heading off on any kind of getaway, he needs to know that his belongings are safe. Think about it rationally, without a passport wallet, he stands the risk of losing his passport when he needs it the most. This leather passport holder will help him ensure that documents that have some form of significance or daily use are properly protected at all times. Also available in color black and tobacco.

Sometimes, if you're in luck, your flight attendant will hand out eye masks before takeoff so everyone can get a little shut-eye amongst all the blinking lights, but if not you are stuck on a long trip with that annoying light in your eyes. This smart sleep mask is the perfect gift for the man who is used to take long flights. The mask blocks out unwanted light and provides its own light to trigger the body's natural responses, helping him to wake up more refreshed.

Dopp kits are one of those things that are so ubiquitous it is hard to believe there was ever a time when they weren’t used by just about every guy. If you are looking gifts for a man who takes his grooming routine seriously even when traveling and he doesn't own a great Dopp kit by now, he is not giving his top-notch grooming products the respect that they’re due. So give him a hand with this handmade Barber toiletry bag with waterproof interior. Also available in color black, dark brown and tobacco.

If he is the kind of traveler who hates fluffy pillows that ends up overheating him but still needs a good neck support to take a refreshing nap, the Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow is for him. The sporty manly design pairs dual-density memory foam with cooling air circulation vents for when the tiny air conditioning vent above him is in “does this even work?” mode.

We all know that one man who is a potential photographer and arrives from a trip with thousands of great pictures, but he has never bought a professional camera because it's very tricky to use and too big to take on a trip. Give him a push on that dream with something he will love when he finds the perfect shot in that foreign city. This iPhone Core Lens Set are combined to offer a diverse range of options for capturing what he wants when he wants.

Depending on the nature of a getaway and method by which he makes it there, there are right and wrong ways to travel. A duffel bag is the way to go, this bag can be extremely useful for travel cause it is easy to access. He can grab what he needs with minimal fuss, and also holds a lot of stuff, meaning he doesn't have to leave anything behind. Also available in color black, dark brown and military green.

If you have experience traveling around the world you know how annoying it is to get to your hotel room with all your gadgets discharged, just to find out that your cable chargers don't go through the electrical outlet. Don't let him pass through this painful experience. The F1 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter is color-coded with the world adapter system, making finding the right plug for his trip as simple as matching the colors.

Some headphones could make a pretty solid gift for a traveler lover. Just imagine being stuck on a 6-hour flight without a good pair of earbuds. The convenience of Bluetooth-powered headphones usually means trading sound quality for comfort and convenience but with Optoma’s NuForce wireless earbuds, music will sound surprisingly good, and he will have an entertained trip.

Anyone who loves trips knows how difficult it is to keep their gadgets in place, that's why the Gadget Travel Bag becomes the perfect complement for the travel lovers, cause what would be from them without their camera and their electronic objects to survive a weekend in the wild. Also available in tobacco.

Trying to buy clothes for someone can be risky, but any guy would be happy to add a few more ties to his wardrobe. If your guy is constantly going on business trips, he needs to pack his style with him. This style box comes in a variety of colors and patterns and includes a variety of ties, pocket squares, and socks, so he can mix and match depending on the meeting outfit his wearing that day.

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