• The Beginning

    Manifesting an idea into tangible existence

    When I just started the Studio, I embarked on a solitary journey, single-handedly constructing the website while simultaneously establishing my workspace. I took on the roles of designer, cutter, craftsman, photographer, order processor, packer, meticulously tending to every aspect of the creative process for my customers.

    Leather Crafting Inside the Studio

    However, fortune smiled upon me as, a month later, my girlfriend—now my beloved wife and soulmate—joined forces with me. Together, we became a dynamic duo, diligently working on our shared vision after our regular jobs. Engaging in lengthy conversations, we dared to dream of expanding our studio, but of establishing an unparalleled workplace—where creativity flourished, passion ignited, and individuals found genuine fulfillment. A place where every craftswoman and craftsmen would exude happiness, enjoy the freedom to unleash their imagination, and experience a sense of belonging akin to being at home.

    Capra Leather Founders

    It is for this reason we resolved to craft every element in-house, ensuring that our vision permeated every aspect of our work.