• November 03, 2016 3 min read

    Nowadays, everyone’s in a hurry.  When there’s a career on the line, everything we do revolves around the fact that it must be done swiftly and accordingly, nonetheless well. The same goes for our ever-compromised personal life: there’s no wasting time when it comes to playtime. Vacations are a must in order to maintain some sanity, but they can also drive even the most collected man insane. Whether it’s business or pleasure, travel made easy can be achieved in a hassle free manner.

    1. Keep it handy

    We’ve all seen it. We’re at the security gate with bags in hand, already dreaming of a cold beer and the sand between our toes, and there’s a helpless man at the front of the line fidgeting around. He pats his jacket pockets, unzips his bag, ruffles through his clothes and triumphantly holds up his passport. Don’t let this be you. By keeping your passport, phone and spending money in one safe place, there’s no need to hold anyone up for longer than a second. Plus, forgetting valuable items inside a security tray will be a thing of the past.

    2. Dress sharp, but be comfortable

    Balance is key, especially when you’re traveling. Dressing well not only shows others that you’re ready for anything, it also shows you take pride in yourself. The goal of any traveler should be to feel comfortable without looking sloppy. Leave the sweatpants at home and layer up. Even the most casual outfit, like a pair of jeans and a sweater, can be brought up a notch by throwing on a coat or sports jacket. This will also make security checks an easy task: forget the belts and buckles, remove the jacket when necessary and then button up again when you’ve grabbed your bag.

    3. Bags in bags

    Organization is always key, especially for longer flights and dreaded layovers. You saw what happened to the other guy at the security gate; do you really want to be that guy while you’re on hour three of an eight-hour layover, tucked inside an airport bathroom and looking for a toothbrush? Keeping personal items clearly separated from your clothes will make for a much more comfortable experience. Plus, a well-organized toiletry kit and some packing cubes will keep your clothes in mint condition when a tube of toothpaste decides to inadvertently explode inside your brand new weekend bag.

    4. Don’t bring more than you can carry

    Most of us think that in order to look as collected as we do back home while we’re on vacation it’s necessary to bring our whole closet along, but this is where we’re wrong. By packing a couple of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched, and that fit into a single duffle bag, you’ll minimize waiting time and make picking out clothes less of a hassle. Small and compact gym bags also serve the same purpose – just make sure they’re washed before you use them on a business trip.

    Stick to basics (black, white, gray and blue) and maybe one or two items of color that will pop. Don’t skimp out on essentials like undergarments and socks, but don’t bring along a large suitcase and a pair of luggage bags on a one-week vacation. You’ll regret this over-packing fiasco before you’ve walked out the door.

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