• November 18, 2016 2 min read

    Just because you need a wallet, it doesn’t mean you need to jam-pack it with every little item laying around the apartment. Old receipts, gift cards that are no longer valid, family photos…somehow these always end up stuffed in there. But long gone are the days of chunky wallets – minimalist design is in, and it’s here to stay.

    Minimalism embraces simplicity. It gives in to the idea that less is more and goes far and beyond to prove that you don’t need to be flashy in order to stand out amongst the rest.

    Here at Capra we believe in minimalism, and all our products are designed and produced with this philosophy in mind. From card holders to leather wallets for men, there’s plenty of styles to choose from.

    Gentlemen, say goodbye to velcro and hello to fashion. Here's a list of 4 reasons why slim wallets are the new go-to men's everyday accessories.

    1. They're convenient

    Instead of shuffling through a dozen cards and crumpled bills, slim wallets allow for a quick run through of everything you carry around. Forget about your school ID that hasn't been used in years or that gift card from Best Buy you never cashed in. Slim wallets are designed so they'll fit only what's truly necessary and not just everything you think you'll need. Don't be the guy that holds up the line because he can't find his credit card in a sea of junk.

    2. They're good for your back

    Although we're definitely not doctors, it's been said that sitting in an unnatural position for extended periods of time can cause damages to your lower back -- which results in lots of pain as you grow older. Sitting on a conventional wallet throughout the day, especially when they're as bulky as they tend to be, will cause more problems in the long run than choosing a slimmer option. Plus, slim wallets can also fit into a front pocket, which means there'll be no need to worry about that.

    3. They're fashionable

    Minimalism, as we've said repeatedly, is in right now. Designers have started to create more and more products that don't rely on flash to sell -- they're simple, in good taste and very, very popular. If you want to fit in with the cool kids, drop the 5 pound wallet you've been carrying around and opt for a lighter model instead. You'll look in the know and, the best part is, a big wallet wont mess with your style. The trusty slim wallet will fit right in, no matter what you're wearing.

    4. There's plenty to choose from

    Slim and minimalist wallets are great because there's so many styles available for different tastes and needs. While some men prefer card holders that double as wallets, others are prefer a more classic look, and that's all possible with minimalist designed wallets. Plus, they're so ingeniously designed that they'll never be boring -- no matter how simple they seem.

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